Acrobatic Competition Squads

About Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a team based sport, incorporating balancing, aerial and tumbling skills within a dance routine. Acrobats use their partner’s hands, feet or shoulders to perform balance skills, such as handstands, or aerial skill such as somersaults. There are 5 different divisions, women’s pairs, men’s pairs, mixed pairs, women’s trios and men’s fours.

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About Competitions

Australian Acrobatic Gymnastics competitions divide competitors into Levels or Age Groups. The Levels stream consists of Levels 1-10 and enables competitors of any age to compete at state or national competitions, while Age Groups are internationally applicable and offer the opportunity to compete at international events.

Acrobats perform two or three routines depending on the Level or Age Group in which they are competing. All competitors perform a balance routine, where Acrobats perform static balances with their partners, and a dynamic routine, where Acrobats perform aerial and tumbling skills. More experienced competitors perform a combined routine which is a combination of balance and aerial skills.

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