SXL complied with government directions to close the Centre at midday Monday, March 23 and fully supports the initiatives to slow the spread of COVID-19.  SXL initially suspended immediate classes whilst the terms of closure were confirmed, with much initial community and industry discussion about possible exemptions for community sport education programs and high- performance training. However, it has been confirmed that most sports programs, including gymnastics, must be indefinitely suspended. Therefore, all SXL classes and programs are hereby suspended until such time as the government approves the Centre’s reopening.


SXL Gymnastics genuinely cares about its students and wants to maintain a strong connection with everyone over this difficult period. Whilst we would hope to be re-opening the Centre in Term 2, we are now preparing to launch our online programs for April. These will include exercise and conditioning programs, new skill programs, interactive programs, etc. and possibly live sessions ….and they are being designed separately for Pink class, Maroon class, Navy class and Levels.

FREE sessions will be uploaded next week to our Facebook page to allow parents to have an idea of what they can expect from the program. (

Along with these programs we will also be uploading puzzles, colouring-in pictures, games, etc. to help fight the at-home boredom! Please find our first word search ready to be downloaded now on our website! (

If you’re interested in access to these online sessions, please let us know and we will let you know finer details closer to the launch

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