Parkour/FreeG classes

About Parkour/FreeG

Parkour/FreeG at SXL is a fusion of parkour, street gymnastics and martial arts moves.

Parkour/FreeG is a dynamic activity which challenges the mind and develops strength and power. It involves learning tumbling stunts and moving through environments with speed. Parkour/FreeG explores the limits of the body using running, jumping, tumbling skills, climbing, rolling and human locomotion using all four limbs.

Our SXL Parkour/FreeG instructors are highly qualified gymnastics instructors with expertise in martial arts.

2018 Parkour/FreeG Class Timetable

  Parkour/FreeG  1 hour (8yrs-12yrs) $23.00 7.00- 8.00pm 5.00-6.00pm
    Parkour/FreeG    1   hour (12yrs+) $23.00       8.00-           9.00pm    6.00-      7.00pm
Parkour/FreeG Competition 1 hour $23.00 7.00- 8.00pm

♦ Parkour/FreeG Competition (By invitation only – skill levels apply

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