About Parkour/Ninjanastics

Parkour/Ninjanastics at SXL is a mix of street gymnastics, martial arts movements & free-running stunt movements.

Ninjanastics introduces young people aged 5yrs to 7yrs to the fundamentals of this exciting sport.

Parkour is a dynamic activity which challenges the mind and develops strength and power. It involves learning tumbling stunts and moving through environments with speed. Parkour explores the limits of the body using running, jumping, tumbling skills, climbing, rolling and human locomotion using all four limbs.

Our SXL Parkour/Ninjanastics instructors are highly qualified gymnastics instructors with expertise in martial arts.


  Ninjanastics 1 hour (5yrs-7 yrs) $24.00 1.00pm
  Parkour  1 hour (8yrs-10yrs) $24.00 2.00pm
    Parkour    1   hour (10yrs-12yrs+) $24.00    3.00pm
Parkour 1 hour (12yrs plus) $24.00 4.00pm
 Competition 2 hours Invitation $37.50 4.00pm

♦ Parkour Competition (By invitation only – minimum skill levels apply)

Term 3 2019 Parkour Enrolment Form

Term 3 2019 Parkour Enrolment Form

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