2016 Levels 6-10 and International Trial 1 Results

SXL achieved some amazing results over the weekend at the 2016 Levels 6-10 and International Trial 1 Competition. 

Our 11-16’s, Antonia & Nicole as well as Millie, Katie & Alex, both placed first and both achieved scores of 27+ for their performances.

The Level 6 pair, Shennei & Stella, placed first in their balance routine.

Level 6 trio, Teisha, Cassie & Clara came first in both routines and overall for their division.

Our Level 7 trios, Jo, Sam & Abby and Jess, Nicole & Jaz came first and second overall respectively in their division.

All groups performed very well and SXL achieved first place in each division they were entered into.

Congratulations to all competitors and we look forward to seeing some more outstanding results at Trial 2!


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