concert 2023


Sunday December 3

Tickets on sale now!!!

Spectator tickets are $40 (children 2yrs and under are not required a ticket however must sit on parents laps).  Pink class students will sit with parents during the show and be called to the stage when required to perform. All other students will sit with their class in the upstairs boxes to watch the show (they are collected to perform and returned to the boxes whilst the show is running

2:00PM Concert

Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm Level Squad
Tuesday 3:30pm Pink
Tuesday 6:30pm levels
Wednesday 4:00pm Pink
Thursday 4:00pm Pink
Saturday 9:00am pink
Saturday 10:00am Pink
Saturday 12:00pm Pink
Saturday 9:00am Maroon
Saturday 10:00am Maroon
Saturday 12:00pm Maroon
Saturday 10:30am Navy
Saturday Parkour 3:00pm Competition Squad

SXL Gymnastics 2PM Concert December 3


Monday 4:30 Maroon
Monday 5:30pm Navy
Monday/Wednesday Development Squad
Tuesday 3:30pm Maroon
Tuesday 4:30 Parkour
Wednesday 4:45pm Maroon
Wednesday 5:30pm Pre-levels
Thursday 5:00pm Maroon
Thursday 5:30pm Navy
Thursday 6:30pm levels
Saturday 2:00pm Parkour

SXL Gymnastics 6PM Concert December 3