2024 SXL Class Timetable

Recreational & Kindy Gym Gymnastics Timetable

KINDY GYM3.5-5yrs$26.0045 minX11amXX11amX
PINK4.5-6.5yrs$29.001 hourX3:30pm4pm4pmX9am,10am &12pm
MAROON6.5-8.5yrs$29.001 hour4:30pm3:30pm4:45pm4pmX9am,10am &12pm
NAVY8.5yrs+$38.001.5 hours5:30pmXX5pmX10:30am
TUMBLINGAssessment Required$29.001 hourXX7pmXX12pm

Recreational WAG classes – must be done in additional to regular recreational gymnastics classes

PINK4.5-6.5yrs1 hour4pm11am
MAROON6.5-8.5yrs1 hour5pm10am
NAVY8.5yrs+1 hour6pm9am

Ninjanastics / Parkour classes

NINJANASTICS5yrs-8yrs$29.001 hourX1pm
PARKOUR9yrs-11yrs$29.001 hourX2pm
PARKOUR12yrs+$29.001 hourX2pm
COMPETITION SQUADInvitational$46.502 hoursX3pm

Gymnastics Levels Classes – invitational classes based on skill assessment in recreational classes

PRE-LEVELS$38.001.5 hoursXX5:30pmX
LEVELS CLASS$38.001.5 hoursXXX6:30pm
LEVELS SQUAD2 x 1.5 hours (3 hours p/wk)6:30pmX6:30pmX

WAG Competition Squads – for advanced students to compete in the WAG level 1-4 program

WAG Pre Levels2 x 1.5 hours (3 hours p/wk)4pm4pm
WAG Intermediate Levels2 x 1.5 hours (3 hours p/wk)5:30pm5:30pm

Acrobatic Competition Squads – for advanced students to compete in the ACRO level 1-10 program

INTERMEDIATE DEVELOPMENT SQUAD4 hours p/wk (2 classes)4pm-6pmX4pm-6pmXXX
SENIOR DEVELOPMENT SQUAD4 hours p/wk (2 classes)6pm-8pmX5pm-8pm
STATE SQUAD8.5 hours p/wk (3 classes)X4:30pm-6:30pmXX4:30pm-7pm1pm-5pm
ELITE SQUAD13.5 hours p/wk (4 classes)X4:30pm-8pmXX5pm-8pm9am-1pm