Intermediate State Championships

23 gymnasts represented SXL Gymnastics at the Intermediate State Championships last weekend, bringing back some amazing results in a huge field of competitors from all over NSW.

This was the final competition for most of these gymnasts in the level 3A-5 season, with some groups looking forward to competing at the National Club Championships later this month.

The results were as follows:

3A Women’s Pair
Zahra & Kaitlyn: Silver overall
Ingrid & Hayley: Bronze overall

3A Women’s Trio
Clara, Ainsley & Juliet: Gold overall

4 Women’s Pair
Theresa & Eloise: Bronze overall
Kayla & Tui: 4th place overall (Gold in balance routine)

4 Women’s Trio
Shennei, Frances & Phoebe: Gold overall
Georgia, Cassie & Stella: Silver overall

5 Women’s Trio
Beth, Nicole & Emily: Bronze overall
Priya, Jaz & Elly: 6th place overall

Congratulations to all of the acrobats and their coaches on a fantastic competition season!
For full results please visit the results page of Gymnastics NSW here.


L5 trio 1      L3A pair 1