Gymnastics NSW Policies (Click here to access)

Gymnastics Australia Policies (Click here to access)

SXL Gymnastics Club Policies (listed below in alphabetical order):

Anti-doping Policy (GA)

Anti-match fixing Policy (GA)

Athlete Multiple-Club Registration Policy (GA)

Athlete Transfer Policy (GA)

Behaviour Management Policy

Blood and Infectious Diseases Policy (GA)

Cancellations and Refunds

Child Safe Commitment Statement – Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia

Child Safe Policy (GA – New Policy released Feb 2019)

Child Safe Policy Complaints Handling Process (GA)

Club Affiliation: Club Name Policy (GA)

Club Rules

Coach Accreditation Policy 2019 (GA)

Codes of Behaviour – see links below by category (GA Member Protection Policy – New Feb 2019):

  1. Coaches (refer Attachment B2)
  2. Judges (refer Attachment B3)
  3. Participants (refer Attachment B4)
  4. Administrators and Volunteers (refer Attachment B5)
  5. Directors (refer Attachment B6)
  6. Parents/Guardians (refer Attachment B7)
  7. Spectators (refer Attachment B8)

Code of Ethics & General Codes of Behaviour and Conduct (GA Member Protection Policy – New Feb 2019)

Complaint Management Policy

Critical Incident Policy (GA)

Equipment Policy

Fees & Payments

Inclusion Policy (GA)

Judges Code of Ethics 

Member Protection Policy (GA – 2020)

Member Protection Policy Complaints Handling Process (GA – 2020)

Member Protection Policy (Gymnastics NSW)

National Membership Database Policy (GA)

Parent & Guardian Code of Behaviour

Parent – Supporter Policy (GA)

Payments and Fees 2019

Pedestrian Safety

Pet Free Zone Policy

Photography – Acquiring and Displaying Images of Children Policy (Gymnastics NSW)

Photographic Policy (GA)

Prize Money Policy (GA)

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Members of SXL Gymnastics are advised that personal information provided to SXL on the Club Membership Form is provided to Gymnastics Australia (GA) via the GA database. Information regarding this sharing of personal information is contained in our Privacy Policy.

Refunds and Cancellations 2019

Smoke Free Policy

Social Media and Mobile Communication Devices – Code of Conduct

Social Media Policy (Gymnastics NSW)

Spectator Code of Behaviour

SXL Gymnastics Club Rules 2019

Uniform Policy

Waitlist Policy