Recreational gymnastics

Recreational gymnastics Classes

Recreational classes are aimed at improving strength, coordination and flexibility through structured learning of floor based gymnastics skills along with skills on the beams, bars, trampolines and other apparatus.

Our recreational classes are open to children aged 3.5 years through to 14 years.

Enrolments operate for a full term of classes (in line with the NSW state public school calendar).

As the majority of our classes are full, we do not offer casual and one off classes.

There is an annual membership fee of $98 which will cover your child’s insurance for the calendar year.

Club uniform for girls is $55 (leotard and shorts) and boys is $45 (shirt and shorts

Age groups

Children are grouped into classes by age. Children are further grouped within each class based on skill level.

3.5 – 5 years – Kindy Gym

4.5 – 6.5 years – Pink class

6.5 – 8.5 years – Maroon class

8.5 years plus – Navy class

Trial class

SXL may offer a “one off trial class” provided there is a space within the class. The cost of the trial will be the same as a regular class (refer to pricing below). To book a trial class you will need to call in advance and organise it with one of our staff members.


KINDY GYM3.5-5yrs$26.0045minX11amXX11amX
PINK4.5-6.5yrs$29.001 hourX3:30pm4pm4pmX9am,10am & 12pm
MAROON6.5-8.5yrs$29.001 hour4:30pm3:30pm4:45pm4pmX9am,10am & 12pm
NAVY8.5yrs+$38.001.5 hours5:30pmXX5pmX10:30am