SXL are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our gymnasts and visitors.

Please be aware that dogs, cats and other companion pets are not permitted in our buildings.

In addition to the potential safety risks associated with some pets (i.e. biting, scratching, boisterous behaviour), we appreciate that many children may have a fear of certain pets.

In the interests of our SXL community, we operate as a “pet-free” zone, including puppies and kittens (regardless of their cute factor).

Health and Safety Regulations also strictly exclude animals in any area involving the preparation of food for human consumption. Our “pet-free” policy ensures our kitchens, viewing areas and birthday party areas comply with these requirements.

SXL Management welcome assistance animals (e.g. guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs) accompanying a person with additional needs.

We appreciate your respect and co-operation – please leave your pets at home!

SXL Management Team