Team SXL

Meet our team

Picture of Xi Lin Shen

Xi Lin Shen

Head Coach

Picture of Tony Barber

Tony Barber

Centre Manager

Picture of Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy

Program Manager

Picture of Shennei Barber

Shennei Barber

Senior Coach and Judge

Picture of John Kong

John Kong

Senior Coach

Picture of Amy Yeomans

Amy Yeomans

Senior Coach an d Judge

Picture of Nicole Fenton

Nicole Fenton

Senior Coach

Picture of Mary-Ann Mikulski

Mary-Ann Mikulski

Accounts Manager

Picture of Frances De Asis

Frances De Asis

Supervisor and Judge

Picture of Clara De Asis

Clara De Asis

Supervisor and Judge

Picture of Joel Gaal

Joel Gaal

Senior Coach

Picture of Chongwei Zhang

Chongwei Zhang

Parkour Coach